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In a Thai Herbal Compress Massage, your therapist uses, steam heated herbal compresses (muslin packets filled with traditional Thai herbs) to help relieve tired muscles and weary minds. Your treatment may be done either fully clothed or with you undressed and appropriately draped, as in a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. The compresses can be added to a regular Swedish massage or combined with a Traditional Thai Massage. They may be placed on your muscles and left there to relax the area, or they can be patted or rolled on the muscles to combine the effects of the herbs with the effects of the massage techniques. Thai Herbal Compress Massage can help relieve the symptoms of a variety of conditions, including arthritis, back pain, anxiety, and stress.

Common ingredients in the compresses are Cinnamomum, Salt, Kaffir lime, Turmeric, Zingiberaceae, Zingiber cassumunar, Tamarind leaves, and Acacia concinna (Wild.) Thai Herbal Compress Massage is not recommended for people with sensitive skin or with allergies to these ingredients. Please discuss any sensitivities with your therapist prior to booking this treatment.