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Welcome To Alleviate Massage Therapy

Alleviate... Stress

Massage therapy can promote muscle relaxation and improve both mood and sleep quality.

Alleviate... Pain

Reduce stress and tension headache, swelling, muscle spasm and restricted movement.

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About Us

Our goal is to help our clients with living happy and healthy lives. Our sole focus is on you. We listen to determine what your goals for treatment are and we carefully observe the way you live your life and what you want to achieve from each treatment. Once a session is complete, we listen to your feedback to adjust and fine tune your treatment as well as provide you with at home care stretches and exercises to practice in-between treatments to improve, maintain and manage your health. We want our clients to have a clear understanding of how to care for your muscles and joints through stretches and exercises rather than having to rely only on massage treatments as maintenance.

We also offer online booking so you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Our Facilities

Alleviate is a highly active therapeutic clinic located inside Evolve Strength sports training facility.  Because we believe relaxation promotes healing, our studio is separate from the gym’s training area. It is quiet, calm, and relaxing.  Our services are available to the general public as well as to members.  

Our studio within Evolve Strength  provides our clients access to several highly accredited health and fitness professionals.  We invite you to explore our professional network of physical therapists, acupuncturists, dietitian athletic therapists, coaches, and personal trainers.

Our Therapists

Sonya Palahicky

Sonya Palahicky

Independent RMT, Founder

Sonya's practice is primarily therapeutic massage, working with clients who are rehabilitating from injury or dealing with a chronic condition. Sonya believes that an essential part of her work is to educate clients with stretching and strengthening exercises that they can do daily...

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Lindsay MacDonald

Lindsay MacDonald

Independent RMT, BScKin, Fascial Stretch Therapist

Lindsay’s passion for health and athletics has been lifelong. She knows firsthand how frustrating an injury can be, especially when it takes you away from what you love to do. Whether its your sport, job or hobby...

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Alicia Stoffberg

Alicia Stoffberg

Independent RMT, BHS

Alicia believes that massage therapy is a safe and effective form of healthcare, which facilitates the body’s recovery from numerous ailments. Alicia is passionate about educating her clients and giving them the tools and support necessary to achieve lasting results and improve their well-being.

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Sharleen Heinrichs

Sharleen Heinrichs

Independent RMT

Sharleen knew since childhood that she would somehow get involved with the health and wellness field, there was a little bit of a journey to finally land a career in Therapeutic Massage in 2007. She has a passion for working with those who suffer from chronic pain, including headaches, different type of accidents, and more...

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Client Testimonials

  • Steven Kim Avatar

    Service & techniques are way above and beyond compare to other massage places. True physiotherapy and highly recommended.

    Steven Kim 4 years ago
  • Trinh Phan Avatar

    Love, love, love Alleviate-been going here for a while. Sonya, Alicia and staff are amazing at what they do and I am thankful that they not only look after me but the rest of my family as well. Alleviate genuinely cares about your well-being and their treatments go beyond just relaxation; they aim at healing and ensuring wellness. The energy and vibe is amazing and you feel relaxed just walking in. They have an amazing booking system and I highly recommend you pay them a visit!

    Trinh Phan 5 years ago
  • Julie Tremblay Avatar

    I have been to multiple massage clinics during my long search for a massage therapist and I am so grateful I was referred to Alleviate Massage Therapy & Wellness. I have been going to Sonya for two years now and she truly is a muscle whisperer. Her knowledge of muscles and the body was noticeably more proficient than any other RMT I have encountered so far. I highly recommend Alleviate and any of the therapists working there to anyone who is really looking to heal and feel better. The high quality of treatment and information they provide will not disappoint and will get you back on the road to a healthy life!

    Julie Tremblay 5 years ago
  • Petra Erhardt Avatar

    After searching for a good massage therapist, I finally found one. I have been going to Sonya for 3 year now. She is the best I've ever had and I've been going for massage therapy for over 25 years. Sonya is amazing and has helped me so much. Everyone there is very friendly and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Alleviate Massage to anyone looking for a new therapist!

    Petra Erhardt 5 years ago
  • Kevin Zimmerman Avatar

    As the head coach of Olympic Power and Fitness Olympic weightlifting club I have had many of the athletes I coach work with Sonya and her team of therapists. I have also worked with Sonya and find her to be very professional and knowledgeable.

    I would highly recommend Sonya for massage therapy and recovery for athletic recovery and therapy!

    Kevin Zimmerman 5 years ago
  • Lynn Eagle Avatar

    Sonya is the best massage therapist I have ever found! Like many others, I followed her from her previous place of work because she is exceptional at what she does. She is warm professional, highly skilled and always makes you feel that she cares about you and your concerns. She is takes the time to ensure that she understands the concerns you express. From stretches to improving body mechanics, I always learn something new every time I go see her.

    Lynn Eagle 5 years ago
  • Alexa Smith Avatar

    I followed Sonya here from her previous place of work, because she is THAT GOOD. I can't get a massage anywhere else. She is so kind, friendly, and runs a great business. She is extremely knowledgeable and always recommends stretches or at-home remedies to make me feel better.

    Alexa Smith 5 years ago
  • Erika Rebus Avatar

    Wonderful service and extremely professional. I cannot say enough good things about this place. The services are amazing and they really take the time to work with you ans understand your areas of concern. Highly recommend.

    Erika Rebus 5 years ago
  • Michael Servante Avatar

    I have been going to see Sonya ever since I injured my back several years ago. She has been able to help me through that injury and a few others since then. Now I wouldn't even think about going to see anybody else. She is simply the best.

    Michael Servante 5 years ago
  • bob dailey Avatar

    Great All Around. Sonya took the time pre-appointment to understand what I would need help with. I have a long term rotator cuff issue which limits flexibility and motion along with discomfort. She spent the appointment working the area thoroughly. The result was noticeably better after one treatment. The best part was the fact she explained to me the process and what I can do to exercise the area specific. All in all, Sonya was awesome and I would definitely recommend Alleviate Massage Therapy & Wellness.

    bob dailey 5 years ago
  • Jordan Dobie Avatar

    Sonya is, hands down, the best Massage Therapist I have ever gone to. And since going to her, I can't go to anyone else. She is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely passionate about what she does.

    Overall, the studio is very clean, warm and welcoming.

    Jordan Dobie 5 years ago
  • Jalal Nanji Avatar

    Sonya is hands-down the best massage therapist I've been to. She is knowledgable and passionate about her work. It's no wonder Alleviate is doing well and has been growing; great people and great service are the cornerstones of this business. Highly recommend!!

    Jalal Nanji 5 years ago
  • Natalie Dvorski Avatar

    Sonya is an amazing amazing massage therapist. Not only is she exceptionally knowledgeable in human anatomy she really takes the time to listen what you need or want to be working on during the session. After the session she will follow up with some at home exercises that has never happened to me with any other massage therapist. She goes above and beyond for her clients!!

    Natalie Dvorski 5 years ago
  • Shawn Watson Avatar

    As a competitive powerlifter with a background in elite level sports, I cannot say enough great things about Sonya's treatment. Whether I am dealing with a complex issue with my hips or an abundance of fascia, I always leave my session feeling significantly better (after a day or two!). Her technique in traditional Thai massage is second to none and she also incorporates implements such as cupping and Graston when necessary. Sonya carries a breadth of knowledge as it relates to physiology and has offered some great self-care tips for in between sessions. It quickly becomes evident that Sonya truly cares about the well being of her clients. Simply put, Alleviate is a great choice and highly recommended!

    Shawn Watson 5 years ago
  • Angela Richmond Avatar

    Love the therapists here. Great massages and advice to help me stretch / strengthen / improve.

    Angela Richmond 5 years ago
  • Sara Parton Avatar

    I feel very lucky to have found Sonya. It's not just a "massage" it's treatment. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable at what she provides her patients. Proper aftercare tips for between appointments and making your time with her effective based on what your concerns and conditions are. My treatments with her are a journey of ongoing self care I recommend to anyone looking into this path for themselves.

    Sara Parton 5 years ago
  • Jim A Avatar

    Sonya is truly passionate with her work. She is very supportive and takes the time to help you feel better. Always suggesting exercises and stretches to do at home to help you with a faster recovery.

    Best massage Therapist in Edmonton......

    Jim A 5 years ago
  • Vienna Malko-Monterrosa Avatar

    It gives me great pleasure to write a review for such a devoted and compassionate establishment as Alleviate Massage Therapy & Wellness. The team at Alleviate is not only knowledgeable and professional, but friendly and kindhearted as well. From the moment one walks into the clinic, to the moment one finishes a treatment, the staff ensures each client is feeling welcome, comfortable, and at ease. The quality of care is remarkable as treatments are handled with the utmost respect and attention. Each session is tailored to the client as the therapists at Alleviate are exceptionally conscious and responsive to each of their patrons' needs, even when different treatments may be necessary. The empathy and dedication to assist individuals in their overall health is felt from the techniques used in treatments to the quality of customer service one receives. Alleviate Massage Therapy & Wellness is like no other clinic I have been to, and I would unquestionably recommend it to anyone seeking to be alleviated.

    Vienna Malko-Monterrosa 5 years ago
  • Amy Burtenshaw Avatar

    Debbie is awesome!! She is definitely the best massage therapist I've been to and as a dental hygienist it's been a lot! I've had a hard time finding someone who is actually able to get the knits out of my back and neck and she does it every time! Go see her-you won't regret it!

    Amy Burtenshaw 6 years ago
  • Shaun Rudy Avatar

    Sonya has been incredibly the most unique massage therapist I have met in Edmonton . She is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the human body . I have issues i have seen doctors / physiotherapists that could not figure out and Sonya was able to . She wasn’t only able

    To figure out my issue but treat it and give me relief . I highly recommend her . She has a unique and happy personality that cheers me up every time I have a treatment !

    Shaun Rudy 6 years ago
  • Kevin P. Avatar

    5 star rating Sonya is easily hands-down the best massage therapist I've ever had. She took time to learn about me, my lifestyle, and my ailments so that she could get to the root of my problems. I can't even count the number of times she traced a problem back to something that I hadn't even considered before. The empathy she has for her clients shines through in the level of attention and care she gives during treatment. I think the fact that she is so experienced with Thai massage combined with her massage therapy knowledge brings her to the next level. And trust me, she's strong enough.

    Kevin P. 6 years ago
  • Tiffany Wang Avatar

    I’m lucky enough to have been in Sonya’s care for 1.5 years now and I can’t think of anyone else I would entrust my health and well-being with! Not only is she incredibly kind, compassionate and attentive, she is very, very good at what she does. She is constantly using different techniques to target your sore spots and no massage is the same (other than they’re always amazing). I’m a half hour commute away from her but the trip is always worth it. I would recommend her to everyone (all ages) and for any reason (specific issues or just a relaxing massage)!!

    Tiffany Wang 6 years ago
  • Andrew MacKechnie Avatar

    Debie Zacharko recently began working at Alliviate Massage Therapy and Wellness. She has been my only massage therapist , these past 2 years.Debie uses relaxation, deep tissue and Hot Stone therapy, to resolve many issues with my body. She is always attentive to my concerns, ensures my comfort, and shares her treatment plan with me .After the massage , Debie always includes tips on strengthening and stretching exercises to do at home, between appointments.

    I like that Alleviates new main floor Clinic is easy on my knees( no stairs) and is located close to where I work in South East Edmonton. I enjoy the ease of booking online, and received a 15.00 discount on my first booking , in the new location with Debie.

    Debie and Alliviate are both first rate and highly recommended.

    Andrew MacKechnie 6 years ago
  • Gary Oligny Avatar

    Sonya was very thorough in her initial examination of me, and she quickly identified my issues. I have been very happy with my treatments, and highly recommend Sonya to anyone looking for someone who sincerely cares about her clients.

    Gary Oligny 7 years ago
  • Shaun R. Avatar

    5 star rating Sonya is the Bruce Lee of massage therapists . She takes the best techniques from different massage styles and made her own unique style unlike any therapist I have ever encountered . Glad I found her !

    Shaun R. 7 years ago
  • Ryan Pulongbarit Avatar

    Knowledgable, professional, and very friendly service. Sonya is extremely skilled as a massage therapist and gives great advice for post-massage recovery. She's one of the best, without a doubt.

    Ryan Pulongbarit 7 years ago
  • Jessica Lee Avatar

    I had the most AMAZING experience here. I only ever get deep tissue massages because my muscles are all really tight. Somehow Sonya made my deep tissue massage relaxing. She has magical hands 💖

    Jessica Lee 7 years ago
  • Sally T. Avatar

    4 star rating My massage therapist moved and started her own practice so I also followed suit. Sonya is skilled in her practice and also very sweet and attentive. She gets all her new clients to fill in an initial assessment form and asks at the beginning of each visit to see what your problem areas are. Aside from deep tissue and relaxation massage, she also does prenatal massages as well. She has also done cupping on me which has helped me immensely. The room is clean and her selection of music is tasteful and soothing. I would highly recommend her.

    I like the ease of being able to book appointments online and text reminders. She also is very quick and responsive when I have a question for her.Her practice is on the 2nd floor of a crossfit gym so I always feel a little self concious when I have to walk through the gym to get to my appointment on the 2nd floor. There's lots of parking outside of the building which is nice.

    Sally T. 7 years ago
  • Tim Hirsch Avatar

    I started coming to Sonya just over a year ago with lower back and hip problems. With a lot of different techniques she have been able to help with my trouble areas. I always leave feeling like I have a new body. Sonya works with you to dig deeper into where your problems could be coming from and gives me tips to do at home to help on a long term. Your therapy does not end when you walk out the door.

    I highly recommend Sonya to anyone. Thanks Sonya for your help over the last year.

    Tim Hirsch 7 years ago
  • David Wickenberg Avatar

    Sonya does a great job. I've noticed that I'm moving much better since starting treatments with her. Her knowledge and attitude are excellent.

    David Wickenberg 7 years ago