Please take a moment to review our new COVID-19, ILLNESS, and Safe Environment Practice Guidelines

We are putting the following additional safety measures in place to provide a safe environment for our team and our clients:

Seasonal illnesses, many of which are viruses, are contagious and spread in day cares, schools, at work and in public spaces. If you are unwell with any cold, flu, or experiencing any contagious gastrointestinal symptoms, or if someone in your family is sick, we recommend staying at home until you feel better. 

Registered Massage Therapist/Service Provider retains the right to refuse service and cancel your appointment based on Registered Massage Therapist/Service Provider’s professional opinion (i.e., client arrived for service appointment – not feeling well or intoxicated)

As tempting as it is to seek out things that make you feel better, getting a massage could potentially slow down the normal healing of your body. When you’re sick, your body is doing everything it can to fight the illness. Your immune is complexed and includes your circulatory system, and your lymphatic system. When you have a massage, your body receives input by way of pressure, heat, and movement — and these things combined may hinder your body’s ability to combat an infection, and move waste through your lymphatic channels and gut.

Getting a massage when you’re sick can also produce inflammation, Massage Therapist use various techniques (i.e., skin rolling, cross-fibre friction, myofascial release techniques) to break up adhered tissue (i.e., knots). While this may feel great for relieving tight, sore muscles, when you are sick, it can create more inflammation throughout the body.

For everyone’s wellbeing, our current Covid-19, ILLNESS and Safe Environment Practice Guideline will remain in place until further notice. We ask that clients continue to adhere to provincial and municipal guidelines regarding Covid-19 precautions, as the Alleviate team continues to do the same. 

  1. MaskingUse of masks is not required but encouraged, as physical distancing cannot be maintained during your treatment. We will be wearing a surgical/procedural mask during your appointment, when necessary.
  2. Screening: If you are unwell with any cold, flu, or experiencing any contagious gastrointestinal symptoms, please reschedule or cancel your appointment. We ask that you continue to be cautious when it comes to deciding whether or not to cancel an appointment due to illness. We will not be charging a fee for any cancellations up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time of the appointment. No-shows or cancellations within 4 hours of the appointment will be subject to a fee (the full cost of the missed appointment). We will be performing self-assessments as well as in-person screening of clients to determine how best to proceed. 
  3. Hand hygiene: Hand sanitizer stations will remain at the entrance and exit to our clinic. We ask that you practice thorough hand hygiene upon arriving and leaving our space. As always, we will be practicing thorough hand hygiene throughout our shifts.
  4. Sanitary protocol: We will continue to use medical grade disinfectants to clean ALL surfaces and equipment between each client, including the payment machine. Cash will not be accepted, and all receipts will be issued by email only.

We appreciate your continuing supports, your patience and kindness.

Stay well,

Alleviate Massage Therapy Team.

Updated December 28, 2023