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Described as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, the Graston Technique® is a therapeutic method for finding and treating adhesions and scar tissue in muscles and connective tissue. Your therapist uses stainless steel instruments of specific size and shape designed to break down dysfunctional and chronic scar tissues, helping to restore range of motion and decrease pain. It is possible that you will feel some discomfort during this treatment, but your therapist has been trained to use the instruments within your tolerance level, and will work with you to ensure that the treatment is not excessively painful. Scar tissue often is significantly more sensitive than regular tissue, so it may take multiple treatments to complete the treatment. Scar tissue and adhesions are associated with many chronic pain conditions. By disrupting these tissues, our goal is to reduce your painful conditions. Be aware that this technique works deeply into adhesions and scar tissue, which can cause microscopic blood vessels around the tissues to break and release blood into the area, which may leave residual marks (bruises) that resolve with time. Some people will have a great deal of discoloration, while others may not have any.