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Recommended Neuroacoustic Therapists

Neuroacoustics, or psychoacoustics, involves utilizing precisely tuned vibrational and sound frequencies to modulate your brainwave activity.  Bio-Tuning is a non-invasive, holistic, and unparalleled therapy that harnesses the scientific gold standard of heart-rate variability, in real-time, and the powerful, ancient phenomenon of brainwave entrainment to bring you to zero stress, a pre-requisite for any healing.  Each brainwave (delta, theta, alpha, gamma, etc.) frequency range in the brain is trained up like a muscle group to restore and enhance its operation.  Aside from using it to rebalance people with conditions, it’s been shown to have profound benefits for sleep quality, creativity, emotional regulation, relaxation, performance, stress reduction, meditation, and much more.

Justin Victor

Justin Victor


Justin Victor is a Spiritual Conduit, Neuracoustic Sound Therapy Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, and author. He is the founder of Vibrational Instinct, an energetic, vibrational, and spiritual healing centre that offers a variety of distance and in-person services. By combining experiential and recognized ancient wisdom and contemporary science and technology, he’s able to offer a novel and unifying perspective on healing, reality, consciousness, and the human condition in a practical manner. He has a B.Sc. with a Specialization in Geology from the University of Alberta with a background in hydrogeology, hydrologic modeling, contaminant hydrogeology, and planetary geology. The experience he gained in these fields has led to the publication of research as a co-author and exploration of his own thesis work while giving him a scientific and analytical background that complements and enhances his holistic practice. His primary foci on healing emphasize listening to the body, feeling and heart-based guidance, and allowing to move forward with the process that each of us are here to experience and fulfill. “Those who only experience, are not aware of what becomes them, but they who become, are aware of why experience does not define them.” ~SPS

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